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    Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment

    Board of CS Energy Limited
    Electricity Generation (State)
    CleanCo Queensland Limited
    CleanCo Queensland Limited (CleanCo) is a energy generation Government-owned corporation (GOC). It has a mandate to support 1,000MW of new renewable projects into Queensland by 2025. CleanCo will drive down prices in the wholesale electricity market, support the achievement of the Queensland Renewable Energy Target (QRET) by 2030 and increase Queensland’s electricity system security and reliability, especially during peak summer demand periods.
    Energy Queensland
    Energy distribution and retail
    Far North Queensland Ports Corporation Limited
    Port authority for the management of the Ports of Cairns, Mourilyan, Karumba, Thursday Island, Cape Flattery, Skardon River, Burketown, Cooktown and Quintell Beach.
    Financial Provisioning Scheme Advisory Committee
    The Advisory Committee is established under section 83 of the Act, to provide advice to the scheme manager and requesting entities (chief executives of resources, mineral resources, petroleum, environments) for specific matters only under the Act. The role of the Advisory Committee as set out in Section 83 (1) is to give advice: • Under Section 64 to the requesting agency, about requests for payment from the fund for; o Remediation/rehabilitation activities at land on which an abandoned mine exists; o Research that may contribute to the rehabilitation of land on which resource activities have been carried out. • To the scheme manager, about the operation of the scheme.
    Financial Provisioning Scheme Manager
    The purpose of the Financial Provisioning Scheme is to improve the State’s management of its financial risk in the event holders of a resource activity environmental authority (holders) or small scale mining tenure (SSMT) fail to comply with their environmental management and rehabilitation obligations. Over time, the scheme will also provide funds to support rehabilitation of abandoned mines and expand research into mine rehabilitation. The scheme manager is responsible for administering all SSMT and holders’ financial provisioning on behalf of the State of Queensland. To enable this, all holders and SSMT financial assurance (called surety in the Act) held by the Department of Environment and Science and the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy was transferred to the Scheme throughout April 2019.
    Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited
    Management and control of the Port of Gladstone.
    Motor Accident Insurance Commission
    To provide a compulsory third party motor vehicle insurance system for Queensland and to administer the Nominal Defendant Fund in respect of personal injury arising from liability relating to uninsured and unidentified motor vehicles. Monitor and supervise the insurers under the statutory scheme and issue, suspend and withdraw CTP licences. Determine prudential standards for insurers, having proper regard to the standards that apply under Commonwealth legislation and the role of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. Fix for each class of CTP insurance the range within which an insurer's premium must fall. Monitor and facilitate the availability, adequacy and use of rehabilitation services. Research and promote motor vehicle accident prevention. Keep the scheme under review and amend where necessary.
    Nominal Defendant
    Administer a scheme of insurance to compensate victims of motor vehicle accidents caused by negligent drivers of uninsured and unidentified vehicles.
    North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation Limited
    Port authority for the management of sea port facilities at Hay Point, Mackay, Abbot Point, Weipa and Maryborough.
    Port of Townsville Limited
    Control and management of the Port of Townsville.
    QIC Limited
    Funds management. Investment of those assets which relate to long term obligations of the State (mainly pension funds and workers compensation insurance scheme).
    Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority (SEQWATER)
    SEQWATER is responsible for ensuring a safe, secure and reliable water supply for South East Queensland, as well as managing catchment health and providing recreational facilities to the community.
    Queensland Competition Authority
    To undertake economic regulation and provide advice to the Queensland Government regarding third party access, prices oversight and competitive neutrality.
    Queensland Electricity Transmission Corporation Limited (Powerlink)
    State electricity entity (transmission).
    Queensland Treasury Corporation Capital Markets Board
    The governing body of QTC with corporate governance, administration and oversight responsibility for the financial and operational performance of the Corporation. These functions and responsibilities include: developing and monitoring strategic initiatives and operational policy; monitoring the Corporation's financial, operational, organisational and employee performance; monitoring key risks and risk management processes; monitoring the borrowing or financial accommodation, and the provision of financial risk management advice for the Government and its statutory bodies; ensuring the Corporation compliance meets best practice.
    Stanwell Corporation Limited
    State electricity entity (generation).
    State Investment Advisory Board
    To oversee the financial assets set aside to meet future defined benefit superannuation liabilities and other financial assets for obligations such as insurance costs. The Board also provides investment governance for the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) established under the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) Act 2016 and the scheme manager under the Mineral and Energy Resources (Financial Provisioning) Act 2018.
    Sunwater Limited
    Managing and developing State-owned water infrastructure.
    Trade and Investment Queensland Board
    The Board is responsible for the effective and efficient performance of Trade and Investment Queensland, which is the Government's lead agency responsible for facilitating and promoting trade and investment opportunities for Queensland, including between Queensland and foreign countries.
    Trustees of the Brisbane Trades Hall
    Trustees of the Brisbane Trades Hall Trust that oversee the property.

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