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    Minister for Housing, Local Government and Planning and Minister for Public Works

    Board of Architects of Queensland
    Register individuals holding prescribed qualifications as architects, investigate complaints against architects, instigate legal proceedings against non-registered persons, undertake accreditation visits and approve courses in architecture, maintain a Register of Architects, conduct examinations.
    Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland
    Assess applications and register eligible persons to practice as a registered professional engineer, maintain a register of registered professional engineers, investigate complaints against registered professional engineers, investigate offences against the Act and instigate legal proceedings.
    Brisbane Housing Company
    Brisbane Housing Company provides affordable housing options for people on low incomes in housing need.
    Councillor Conduct Tribunal
    The Tribunal is established under section 150DK of the Local Government Act 2009. Its functions are: • conducts hearings of applications made by the independent assessor and deciding what action the tribunal will take under section 150AR of the Act to discipline the councillor • any other function related to functions given to the Tribunal under the Act as directed in writing by the Minister. Membership The Tribunal comprises a president and a pool of casual members. Tribunal members must have extensive knowledge of, and experience in any of the following: local government, investigations, law, public administration or public sector ethics.
    Development Tribunal
    The Development Tribunals are established under chapter 6 of the Planning Act 2016 and provide an accessible, affordable and timely service for Queenslanders and statutory agencies wishing to appeal a range of building, planning and plumbing related decisions made by local governments, private certifiers and other bodies across Queensland. From 105 referees appointed by the Chief Executive, each Tribunal for an appeal will be comprised of between one and five members.
    Independent Assessor
    The Independent Assessor assesses and if appropriate investigates and prosecutes complaints about councillor conduct and breaches of the conduct provisions under the Local Government Act 2009. The Independent Assessor also: •provides advice, training and information about dealing with alleged or suspected inappropriate conduct, misconduct or corrupt conduct to councillors, local government employees and the public. •prosecutes misconduct offences via the Councillor Conduct Tribunal.
    Local Government Change Commission
    The Local Government Change Commission is established to assess whether a proposed local government change is in the public interest, e.g. a change to the boundaries of a local government area, the number of councillors for a local government, the name of a local government area. The Change Commission is made up of the Electoral Commissioner or any combination of the Electoral Commissioner, Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Casual Commissioners (appointed by the Governor in Council). The Electoral Commissioner can choose any or all of the Casual Commissioners to help assess a particular change proposal.
    Local Government Grants Commission
    To make recommendations to the Minister concerning the allocation of the Commonwealth Financial Assistance Grants to the Local Governing Bodies in Queensland.
    Local Government Remuneration Commission
    The Commission is established under section 176 of the Local Government Act 2009 to undertake functions relating to the remuneration of Local Government Councillors. The functions of the Commission, as stipulated by the Act (section 177) are: to establish the categories of Local Governments; to decide the category to which each Local Government belongs; to decide the maximum amount of remuneration payable to the Councillors in each of the categories; to consider and make recommendations to the Minister about matters relating to councillor advisors; and another function related to the remuneration of Councillors directed, in writing, by the Minister.
    Queensland Building and Construction Board (QBC)
    The QBC Board's role is to set strategic direction and the operational, financial and administrative policies of the Commission. The Board's functions include: • deciding the strategies and the operational, administrative and financial policies to be followed by the Commission • ensuring the Commission performs its functions and exercises its powers in a proper, effective and efficient way • providing guidance and leadership to the Commissioner and to the Services Trades Council • establishing the strategic direction for the Commission • advising the Minister for Housing and Public Works on issues affecting the building industry, consumers, the administration of the QBCC Act and the administration of the Commission • advising the Minister about unfair or unconscionable trading practices affecting security of payments to contractors and subcontractors; and • consulting the building industry and consumers and advancing their interests.
    Queensland Housing Supply Expert Panel
    The Housing Supply Expert Panel (HSEP) was established to provide independent expert advice to the Queensland Government about how to appropriately manage land supply and development and associated issues in South East Queensland. On 8 September 2022, the Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympic and Paralympic Games Infrastructure announced the expansion of the remit of the HSEP to the entire state. The new state-wide HSEP provides independent, expert advice to Government on matters including but not limited to housing diversity and affordability, policy responses, opportunities to progress growth management outcomes and the Land Supply and Development Monitoring information.
    Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel
    The panel is a non-statutory advisory body established to project specific and general advice to the Queensland Government on urban design, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, sustainability, other built environment issues and urban policy development. This will be in relation to major property development and urban infrastructure projects in Queensland, state government buildings and infrastructure projects.
    Residential Tenancies Authority
    The Residential Tenancies Authority administers the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. It provides a custodial service for rental bonds, information and community education services to the residential tenancy and residential services sectors and a conciliation service for the resolution of tenancy disputes. It provides advice to the Minister for Housing and Public Works.
    Service Trades Council
    The Service Trades Council (STC) is made up of representatives from 11 member organisations/departments. The primary functions of the Service Trades Council include: - conferring on national policy development and implementation for the trade - reporting to the minister on any issues relating to plumbing and drainage - assisting the Commissioner, Queensland Building and Construction Commission to perform licensing functions by forming a committee to provide expert advice on complex licensing matters - providing an internal review process for disciplinary decision of Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

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