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    Rehabilitation Commissioner

    Body Name: Rehabilitation Commissioner
    Body Description: The Rehabilitation Commissioner has the following functions under the Environmental Protection Act 1994: (a) providing advice to the Minister on rehabilitation and management practices, outcomes and policies; and public interest evaluation processes and performance; (b) developing technical and evidence-based reports on complex aspects related to the rehabilitation of land or best practice managenent of non-use management areas: (c) if asked by the chief executive and the rehabilitation commissioner considers it appropriate - providing guidance on the interpretation of advice or reports prepared under paragraph (a) or (b); (d) monitoring, and providing reports to the Minister on, rehabilitation performance and trends; (e) consulting on, and raising awareness of, rehabilitation and management matters; (f) chairing workshops and forums about technical, scientific or engagement matters; and (g) the other functions given to the rehabilitation commissioner under this Act.
    Body Function: Statutory Office Holder
    Constitution Date: 20/08/2020
    Contact Officer Name: Office of the Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner
    Street Address: Level 13, 400 George Street
    Postal Address: GPO Box 2454
    Phone Number:
    Last Updated: 07/12/2021
    Review Date:
    Sunset Date:
    Completion Date:
    Body is Active: Yes
    Reporting Requirements: Annual Report
    Max Appointees: 1
    Chairperson Remuneration Rate: Other Approved Rate
    Members Remuneration Rate: No Remuneration
    Approval Process: Cabinet and Governor in Council
    Body Region: Brisbane and surrounds



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    Last updated:
    22 October, 2019