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    Yambocully Water Board

    Body Name: Yambocully Water Board
    Body Description: To supply water for irrigation purposes to landholders in the Board's area.
    Body Function: Water Board
    Constitution Date: 19/12/1985
    Contact Officer Name: Mr Timothy Mylne, Secretary
    Street Address:
    Postal Address: PO Box 1195
    Phone Number: 0417 718 160
    Last Updated: 28/11/2018
    Review Date:
    Sunset Date:
    Completion Date:
    Body is Active: Yes
    Reporting Requirements: Annual Report
    Max Appointees: 5
    Chairperson Remuneration Rate: Regulation, Administration and Advice Level 3 (Daily)
    Members Remuneration Rate: Regulation, Administration and Advice Level 3 (Daily)
    Approval Process: Ministerial
    Body Region: Darling Downs – Maranoa


    CrowtherWarren RobertChair17-07-201716-07-2020
    BlackHarvey FrancisDirector17-07-201716-07-2020
    CorishNigel WilliamDirector17-07-201716-07-2020
    CorishKerry HelenDeputy Chair17-07-201716-07-2020
    CrowtherLynette MargaretDirector17-07-201716-07-2020

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    Last updated:
    22 October, 2019

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