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    Ipswich Rivers Improvement Trust

    Body Name: Ipswich Rivers Improvement Trust
    Body Description: The function of the trust is to carry out works designed to improve the flow of water in the rivers and tributaries within the City of Ipswich to correct erosion and provide flood mitigation.
    Body Function: Water Board
    Constitution Date: 15/08/1959
    Contact Officer Name: Mr Norm Craswell, Secretary
    Street Address: Hayden Centre, South Street
    Postal Address: Ipswich City Council
    PO Box 191
    Phone Number: 0409 263 812
    Last Updated: 02/04/2019
    Review Date:
    Sunset Date:
    Completion Date:
    Body is Active: Yes
    Reporting Requirements: Annual Report
    Max Appointees: 5
    Chairperson Remuneration Rate: Regulation, Administration and Advice Level 3 (Daily)
    Members Remuneration Rate: Regulation, Administration and Advice Level 3 (Daily)
    Approval Process: Ministerial
    Body Region: Ipswich


    Note: Section 5(5) of the River Improvement Trust Act 1940 provides that if a person completes the person’s term of office as a member of a trust, the person continues to hold office as a member until the person’s successor is appointed.

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    Last updated:
    8 October, 2018

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